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Avoid Mattress Showroom Tricks with the Best Mattress's Shopping Guide


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2014 --The mattress industry can be intimidating for consumers to navigate between competing brand claims and a wealth of confusing information. Common industry practices designed to fool shoppers can also compound this confusion. The Best Mattress, a consumer bed blog, aims to help clear the air and bring these tricks to light with their latest guide published May 14.

Titled “Shop Smart: Avoid Mattress Showroom Tricks,” the article thoroughly explains several common tactics used in the industry to boost profits and obscure information. Four areas of awareness are highlighted, including name games, pricing games, intentional obfuscation, and warranty and return tricks. For each section, The Best Mattress explains common tactics used and how to avoid them.

From explaining why manufacturers issue similar but slightly different models to different retailers, to how inflated sales figures change shoppers’ perception of value, the guide walks readers through several traps. Other highlights include an explanation of why some brands may intentionally limit product details and a list of helpful questions to ask when assessing warranty and return policies.

The Best Mattress promotes the concept of comparing specifications rather than discounts, and urges consumers to do their own research instead of relying on salespeople's claims. They also stress the importance of reviews and reading fine print, choosing a bed with a good return policy, and potential benefits of skipping showrooms and shopping for mattress online.

The blog produced the guide with the intention of helping consumers make wiser buying decisions while avoiding common pitfalls that often contribute to buyer’s remorse. It is publicly available on the blog’s website along with several other bed-related shopping guides and mattress brand comparisons.

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