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Avoid Towing Service Problems in Naperville, IL, Plus All of Chicagoland

Have you used a towing service in Naperville or any surrounding Chicago Illinois South-West suburbs only to find out the bill is twice as much as you were told over the phone? Avoid high cost towing in Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, IL, plus beyond by reading more.


Naperville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2014 --Being properly informed can eliminate being a victim of towing service scams. Towing service scams can happen to anyone during any towing service including local towing, long distance towing, collision recovery, and roadside assistance services. Scams can happen while getting a tow for any type of vehicle, including light duty trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, cars of all makes and models. The best bet is know how these scams work and then to make sure it doesn't happen.

As a towing company in Naperville, Illinois, Towing Recovery Rebuilding Assistance Services has heard their share of scams. When it comes to scams involving towing Naperville they've heard them all. These towing scams, typically, start off by the consumer needing a towing service, calling and shopping around, then scheduling the tow service.

When a consumer hears there is a $60.00 flat rate to come out, they schedule the tow. The consumer typically doesn’t know that in addition to the $60.00 flat rate, there are other costs. Being uninformed is the key to this towing scam. Most towing companies typically have a hook up fee, a mileage fee, a gas surcharge fee, credit card processing fee, tolls are always extra, in some cases even a labor fee depending on the circumstances. If the tow company only tells the consumer about a flat rate fee or hook up fee and a mileage fee, the consumer should be warned there is more coming. An initial $60.00 fee can turn into hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Once the towing company hooks up the vehicle to the tow truck, it's too late. They get the customer to their destination, and then they present the final bill with all the additional towing charges. Then the sticker shock kicks in and the consumer now feels like a victim instead of a customer. If the consumer doesn’t pay the bill, their vehicle may get impounded, which will increase the already inflated final towing bill.

Towing Recovery Rebuilding Assistance Services a.k.a Tow Recover Assist of Naperville Illinois says "There is quite a few tow truck companies out there that don’t inform the consumers of all the charges, so the consumer needs to be careful. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." When it comes to towing Naperville they have heard all the scams out there and they just want to let everyone know how to get the best service without being ripped off. Corry the owner also adds "Then maybe in the long run will gain a friend and a customer. Where in the long run were here to help you out. We don't want your arms and legs, we just want your tow services. Whatever we can do to make you happy, we do it. When your looking for a tow service always ask what is the grand total. Is there any hidden fee's? Plain and simple, when you need a tow, call a pro. Were here for you." Take it from the pro's, it pays to be careful.

Wondering what the worse case possible senario may be? The flat rate fee turns out to be just to show up. They charge a 50-150 dollar hook up fee. They may even charge a mileage fee to come out. Most tow companies start the mileage fee after they get to the vehicle's location and after the hook up. Then as most tow companies charge the mileage fee. Most tow companies don't tell the consumer, but they nearly all charge a gas surcharge that ranges from $5 to $30. Can't forget about credit card processing which can be a percentage or anywhere from $5 to $50. Typically any charges after the flat rate fee or hook and mileage fee is slapped on at the end of the bill like it's a tax.

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