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Award-Winning EZ-Roll Holder Launches on Indiegogo to Solve an Every Day Hassle for Crowdfunding Supporters

Recently recognized at the Inpex Trade Show for its excellent design and utility the EZ-Roll Holder brings a new kind of simplistic convenience to, quite literally, everywhere paper towels are used.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 --Whoever said necessity was the mother of invention got it right. So says the inventor of the award-winning EZ-Roll Holder, a newly launched product on Indiegogo. Hoping to bring the product to a broader market via a crowdfunding campaign Ghazanfer Hussain, owner of Lokhandwala LLC, announces a new way to dispense paper towels while on the go. The universally useful gadget can be used indoors, outdoors, in businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants and scaffolds. Simply put, the EZ-Roll Holder simplifies life one well-torn towel at a time.

Designed with simplicity and utility in mind the EZ-Roll Holder is essentially a stainless steel rod placed strategically on a bungee cord. The product is eye-catching with a minimalistic design and well-suited for placement anywhere a paper towel may be needed. Useful for any rolled product that is 11 inches or less in length, consumers need only thread a paper towel, toilet paper or plastic bag roll on to it. Due to the design, with a quick reach and tear motion only one paper towel will be dispensed. This is useful when driving down the road and a quick wipe is necessary for a child’s spill or when camping, working or doing hobbies.

Ghazanfer Hussain, owner of Lokhandwalla LLC said of the EZ-Roll Holder,
“It’s amazing how such a simple idea can revolutionize the way people go about doing daily chores, cleanup, hobbies, projects and even vacations. We’re proud to launch this product in on Indiegogo.”

The EZ-Roll Holder can be used as a car accessory attached to the back of a seat for convenient distribution. It can also be a stroller accessory for use while on the go. It can be attached conveniently to scaffolds or ladders to be used while working. Possibly most convenient is it’s usage as a camping accessory. The paper towel holder is useful in an RV or attached to a tree for toiletry needs.

About Lokhandwala LLC
Lokhandwala LLC was founded by Ghazanfer Hussain to bring convenient products to market. Hussain’s flagship product is the EZ-Roll Holder. Recognized for its utility and high-quality design the paper towel holder can currently be seen on Indiegogo.


Indiegogo Campaign link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ez-roll-holder

The EZ-Roll Paper Towel Holder retails for $14.99 and is available on Ebay and Amazon as well as http://www.buyezroll.com/index_files/Page346.htm

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