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Award-Winning Singapore App Development Company Produces the First Secured Paperless Board Meeting on the Cloud in Singapore

Singapore industry leader, Omnitoons Ptd Ltd brings the digital marketplace its first cloud-based boardroom solution. Giving privacy, full management control, and convenience Cloard Board makes board meetings simpler by using efficiency as a capstone.


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2015 --Designed to make office paper stacks and endless emails a thing of the past, Omnitoons celebrates the success of their most recent development. Strategically replacing the seemingly endless communications board meetings produce the Cloard Board interface takes it all to the cloud. With the creation of a central spot for all board-related communication the mobile platform places a high priority on convenience. Not too far behind is security, functionality, and cost-efficient total managerial control.

With no dedicated IT administration or support staff necessary Cloard Board simplifies the process and keeps board members apprised. It all starts with an auto-generated intuitive agenda. Directors simply set up support teams quickly and approve user access to pertinent files. Team members can then directly make notes on board papers in English and Simplified Chinese. For security's sake however, once sent, annotated copies are viewable only on the team leader's device. Adding to confidentiality, once signed off on, cloud-based documents and resolutions are sent directly to the Corporate Secretary. With another layer of security, all messages have view notifications so that Directors can oversee all document changes.

Karen New, CEO of Omnitoons Ptd Ltd said of the ground-breaking paperless business tool, "Cloard Board is the very first cloud-based boardroom solution and we're thrilled we could be the ones to bring it to market. Mobile devices in the boardroom are a natural extension of increased security and convenience. Our secured paperless board meeting interface employs financial industry level security. And there's no need for special training or heavy infrastructure to maintain it."

At transfer, Cloard Board data is encrypted using high-grade SSL. At rest it uses 256-bit AES and stores on Amazon S3. Rendering large documents quickly the app is not only optimized for fast usage, it will also easily support multiple companies and committees.

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Founded in 2007, Singapore-based Omnitoons Pte Ltd. develops mobile applications and tools for small and large businesses worldwide. The company works to develop enterprise mobility solutions for financial institutions, logistic companies, F&B, retail outlets and government corporations. And industry leader, Omnitoons has received award recognition from HSBC Womens Golf, Red Cross Rapid Rescue, and Urban Pay with VeriFone Mobile Payment.

The Cloard Board app is available for download in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, the US, and the UK.

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