Awesome! SocialPeta's Latest ADCost Intelligence Debuts

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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2020 --Many enterprises and brand owners choose to broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure in response to this special period. More than ever before, they hope to spend every cent of the advertising budget where it matters most. With its advertising database and technical capacity, SocialPeta is deeply aware of the current dilemmas and anxieties of enterprises, and therefore it quickly responds and upgrades in a short time. The latest AD Cost Intelligence is launched to ease the operational pressure of enterprises and surmount the current difficulties together.

AD Cost Intelligence Helps Check the Average Index of Key Costs Intuitively

What is AD Cost Intelligence? This function can allow people to conveniently and intuitively check the average index of key costs in the advertising industry, such as CTR, CPC, and CPM, etc. At the segmentation level, it can now support three types of data trend analysis, including App, Web, and Page, which is currently a popular web media buy form on social media. In the future, more categories will be added to meet advertisers' diverse needs.

Besides, this function also provides advanced filtering items, including the causal choice of different edition positions, countries & regions, and CTA types on the channel platform. For instance, if you want to understand the advertising cost performance of different CTAs, such as Play Game, Download, or Shop Now, you can causally screen and check its CTR and CPC. The same is true for the application of edition positions and regions.

AD Cost Intelligence offers crucial reference data for advertisers, optimization designs, and a number of advertising practitioners. We can say that it is a great helper in terms of program budgeting. One thing to be reminded is that this function now is mainly used to check the advertising cost intelligence on Facebook and its sub media Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, while other platforms have yet to be developed.

Through Industry Secrets and Obtain the Golden Rule of Adjusting Advertising Expenditure

Lots of enterprises have become increasingly alert on their annual advertising expenditure. They have focused more on the effect and hidden rules behind it, which seems to be more and more prominent in the current situation. Advertising cost data has always been an industry secret, so inexperienced advertisers can do nothing but move forward with blindness. Fortunately, the AD Cost Intelligence nowadays can allow deeply buried stones to surface.
What can AD Cost Intelligence bring to us?
1) Check the market average cost index, optimize the advertising strategy or adjust the expenditure ratio in time, as well as balance the excessive expenditure or the substandard advertising effect.
2) Observe the tendency of cost and time, find out the law of advertising cost change, and obtain the golden rule of distribution through web media buy.
3) Observe emergencies or unconventional alterations, probe into market reaction, and discover hidden contradictions.

Just like the principle of the navigation map, if more users use the navigation in the same route, its electronic data will be calibrated more accurately. SocialPeta owns a great deal of advertising case data and advertising automation company data. Through powerful computing capacity and security desensitization rules, it ensures the data provided by AD Cost Intelligence has reference value.

In brief, AD Cost Intelligence will be a great helper for marketing work, and this function module is also in continuous optimization. For instance, adding the functions of games and e-commerce classification may be considered preferentially. Amid the epidemic, the enterprises aiming to control cost and improve efficiency might as well learn more about it, and perhaps more surprises will be discovered.