Awesomeness Reminders LLC

Awesomeness Reminders LLC Relaunches Unique Flagship Service

Awesomeness Reminders is a service that allows customers to have a real person call someone they know and tell them they are awesome.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2013 --Awesomeness Reminders LLC, a New York-based startup, announced today that they are relaunching their flagship Awesomeness Reminders service. When a customer schedules an Awesomeness Reminder, a real person from the company’s Manhattan headquarters will place a live, personalized phone call to a designated recipient, telling them, “You are awesome!”

Based on the premise that people need an easy way to spread positivity to those in their lives, an Awesomeness Reminder is designed to be a thoughtful, fun, and unique gift. Customers can choose to customize the message, and can even use the service to send special affirmation or encouragement to themselves.

After registering for a free account at, users can purchase credits for calls. Credits are sold in prepaid packages of 1 credit for $4.99, 10 for $39.99, and 20 for $59.99. The site also offers subscription plans, available in various tiers and providing recurring monthly credits. As a launch promotion, the company is also giving away a free credit to the first 1,000 people to sign up.

Awesomeness Reminders LLC Founder and President Zachary Burt says he first thought of the idea in 2010 when, as a recent University of Chicago graduate navigating the professional world, he realized what a positive impact a few kind words from a stranger could have on an individual. “I noticed how much it brightened my day just to have someone tell me they thought I was awesome,” he explains.

Mr. Burt says he launched the site as a small-scale experiment to see if the public would buy into his vision. However, after a flurry of media attention, demand for the service began to grow faster than he could scale up the call volume. “People loved how quirky, fun, and meaningful Awesomeness Reminders was,” says the founder, “but unfortunately, I simply didn’t have the infrastructure in place to make enough calls. At the peak, we were making thousands of calls daily. I tried outsourcing, but the quality suffered. Finally I decided to shut down the site rather than deliver a substandard product.”

Since then, Mr. Burt has been retooling the processes behind Awesomeness Reminders in order to make it more scaleable. Burt, an experienced developer, brought in fellow developer Benjamin Cohen, a childhood friend, as a co-founder, and together they’ve been crafting a software platform and API to streamline the process of scheduling and placing calls. “Today,” says Mr. Cohen, “we’re launching with the ability to scale the calls to meet market demand while delivering a truly high-quality customer experience. We believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to bringing the gift of positivity to our users.”