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Baby Boomers Discover New Ways to Fulfill Their Dreams

Baby Boomers have found themselves unprepared for retirement. Personal Business Advisors is helping those Baby Boomers achieve their dreams despite the difficulties in the current job market.


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2014 --According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, economic conditions are looking bleak for Baby Boomers looking to retire in the near future. According to the EBRI's most recent report, only 28% of retiree's are "very confident" that they have enough money set aside to live out their retirement comfortably. Consequently, about three-quarters of workers expect that they will need to still work after they "retire". This means that many of those retirees will be trying to reenter the workforce at some point in order to generate income.

For Baby Boomers, retirement seems more difficult than ever before. Not only are many companies not hiring very often, but those same companies tend to prefer employees who are younger and willing to work for less money because they are just starting out in their careers. Not only that, but medical insurance costs for everyone (including Baby Boomers) is set to increase by an annualized rate of more than 5% over the next five years, making it even more difficult for Baby Boomers to become financially secure.

This conundrum has put Baby Boomers in a serious predicament. They need to work, but traditional corporate opportunities simply are not there for them. Without access to a reliable source of income to supplement their savings and social security payments, many Baby Boomers run the risk of living out what are supposed to be their "Golden Years" in a state of near-constant financial insecurity. This is where Personal Business Advisors is creating new opportunities for Baby Boomers who want to make themselves more financially secure.

Personal Business Advisors (PBA) does not try to place Baby Boomers and senior citizens into traditional job. Instead, they find opportunities where a Baby Boomer's experience and wisdom will be valued and beneficial to the job opportunity they are being matched with.

PBA opportunities can be broken down into four main categories:

Purchase of an existing business - PBA uses their robust network, developed over many years, to match business owners looking to sell with PBA clients who want to run a business of their own. This option gives Baby Boomers the opportunity to be an entrepreneur without needing to build the business from the ground up.
Executive-level franchise positions - PBA also has a vast network of franchisee contacts, which they can pair with Baby Boomers who prefer the structure of a franchise business.
Equity and Executive Positions - This option leverages a growing trend in the executive job market by allowing PBA clients to gain the independence of being an equity partner with the income that comes with being a active executive member of an existing company.
Senior Advisor Role at PBA - PBA operates by putting their Senior Advisors together with their clients to determine the best option. When PBA needs to bring on new Senior Advisors, the first place they tend to look is their very own clients.
Even though the financial outlook is worthy of concern, there are options for those who are willing to think outside the box of traditional corporate employment.

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