Dennis Weadick

BabyMonitorExpo Launches Formative Baby Monitor Review Website

For Parents And Caregivers of Newborn Infants, Toddlers, and Adolescents


Nashua, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2013 --Baby Monitor Expo announced the launch of its unique baby monitor review website that focuses exclusively on baby monitors. is a site dedicated to assisting parents overcoming the challenges of selecting the right monitor for their unique needs.

The primary goal of Baby Monitor Expo is to enable and guide parents, single mom’s, grandparents, infant caregivers, etc. to choose the right baby monitor based on their individual needs. Baby Monitor Expo offers complete, unbiased, and up-to-date information and reviews so that online consumers can choose the right monitor out of the thousands available on the market today.

In an extremely large market with hundreds of brands and thousands of different baby monitors, it can be overwhelming for parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers to determine which baby monitor to buy.

The website consists of in-depth product reviews, product feature summaries, tips, articles, top sellers, and more. Products are broken out into categories for audio, video, and movement monitors; plus further separation for analog and digital technologies. The baby monitor reviews on this site describe the products, their features, their strengths and weaknesses with minimum bias for or against them.

Unlike most other product review websites, Baby Monitor Expo does not make recommendations or promote any one monitor. The goal of the website is to present a large number of Baby Monitors in a consistent and uniform way for ease of selection. This site does not recommend any one baby monitor. It does not have an “Editors Choice”, a “Top Pick”, or a “Best Buy”. The reason stems from the fact that each family has unique needs and each family should choose a baby monitor based on those needs; not from someone else's recommendation or suggestion.

For example, a “top selling” baby monitor can be perfect for one family and absolutely wrong for another family. Each family, new parents, expecting parents, caregivers, etc. have their own unique needs, life-style, and home environment. They should choose a monitor based solely on that criteria and not on the recommendation others or from one of the many baby monitor review websites.

With the demand for baby monitor products growing year to year as shown on Google Insights, the D. Weadick company recognized the need for a one-stop “go-to” baby monitor reviews website. The website is designed to provide online shoppers with all the necessary information required for an educated decision. With review websites becoming increasingly popular, online consumers have a greater desire for in-depth product information before they make a buying decision. Consumers are looking for review websites that assist them with analyzing the features and cost of the products. Baby Monitor Expo was established to serve that purpose.