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Back to School Beauty: Working Moms Face Unique Challenges Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities While Maintaining a Professional Appearance

Working moms are busier than ever - especially during back to school season. By making time for beauty and balance, many women find they are able to enjoy enhanced family relationships along with improved work performance.


Oakland, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2014 --Working moms perform a daily juggling act that would make a professional clown jealous. In the midst of back to school preparations and making adjustments to new and busier schedules, balancing work, family and "me" time becomes extremely difficult for the majority of women. Maintaining a professional appearance while keeping up with responsibilities can be a seemingly impossible challenge.

Feeling Rushed Is "Normal" For Working Mothers

According to a recent Pew Research survey, moms and dads alike feel rushed on a day to day basis. A reported 40% of working women with children under 18 "always feel rushed". Working dads agree to the tune of 34%. The same study revealed that just over half of all parents have trouble balancing work and family obligations. Fifty-six percent of women and 50% of men reported feeling this way.

Few parents would deny that leading by example is the ideal way to teach children about living a quality life. Unfortunately, always feeling rushed to the point of neglecting basic personal needs does not set the best example. Kids pick up on dietary, exercise, sleep and personal grooming habits. Giving these activities a priority can send a strong and positive message to young minds.

The Secret Of Parents Who Make It Look Easy

Although it might seem impossible, following a healthy lifestyle routine can lead to less stress and more enjoyment - even on the busiest of days. Parents who take time to exercise, eat right and look their best tend to have more energy for tackling their lengthy list of responsibilities. It's no coincidence that these habits can also improve the quality of sleep.

The following tips can help working moms find balance, increase energy and reduce stress levels:

1. Plan ahead. Organization is more important for working mothers than anyone else on the planet. Keep lists, calendars and anything else to help stay on track.

2. Make time for yourself. Fit in a quick workout or do some extra walking on lunch breaks. Every little bit counts!

3. Sleep well. Focus on good, quality sleep each night. Keep caffeine to a minimum, especially during the afternoon and evening.

4. Streamline your beauty routine. A hectic schedule is no excuse to look anything less than beautiful. Choose products that perform multiple functions are easy to apply. A quick absorbing eye serum like the All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C saves time and gives tired looking eyes a boost by decreasing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

5. Remember to have fun. It's all about balancing the important things in life and making time for family while continuing to meet obligations.

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