Back to the Future for Mobile Price Comparison?

Taking a 'retro' approach to mobile phones deals and prices comparison


Suffolk, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2014 --Back to the Future for Mobile Price Comparison?

In almost all models of online price comparsion engines there is a very simple format that works best for consumers, this is simply the cheapest price offered by a retail partner shows above all other offers.

This model works with almost all types of price comparison website excepting mobile phone deals according to Andrew Ramsey of PhonesLTD.

The leading mobile phone deals and prices comparison websites use filters and sliders to deal with the huge number of packages available from multiple partners but Andrew is unhappy with this format and explains why.

"There is a real problem with implementing filters when trying to narrow down searches for mobile phone deals, this is simply because the sheer number of tariffs offered by both retailers and networks is near on impossible to integrate into simple sliding filters and still guarantee that you are showing the consumer the very best deal for their usage."

Coming from a 'real world' background within the mobile phones industry, Andrew takes a very different approach to price comparison for mobile deals, some have even branded it as 'retro' and 'outdated' but Andrew explains that phone packages just cannot be treated in the same way as usual price comparison.

"In my days of working in mobile phone retail and B2B sales I learnt one very important lesson that inexperienced price compsarison services just do not understand. When customers were looking for a new mobile phone we would have a complete list of all available tariffs to hand to best suit their requirements and we would show all of these options to them in order for them to make an informed decision.

As soon as you take this away with filters and sliders you are left with tariff options that may be close but there is ordinarily a better choice for them that has been hidden.

At PhonesLTD we have stuck with this 'old' approach to mobile phone sales by showing every single available tariff, all in one place. Customers can scroll through the entire range of packages without any restrictions and be completely confident that they are choosing the very best deal for them.

We still only show the very cheapest price for any one tariff based on the overall cost over the minimum term contract period but we also then allow the consumer to 'drill down' further and see the more expensive prices should they wish to buy their phone from a different supplier.

This completely transparent approach to mobile phone price comparison has helped us to help consumers for over 10 years and we have now put all of our knowledge into our brand new website along with our own opinions of the phones to further help consumers on their buing journey."

This brand new website for this 'back to the future' approach to mobile phone price comparison can be found at

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