Bael Wellness Seeks Funding via Fundable to Expand Their Inventory

Bael Wellness has just launched a crowdfunding campaign via Fundable to raise $50,000. Funds raised from this campaign will be spent to improve the inventory for their online and offline retail stores.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2015 --Back pain and bad posture related discomforts are extremely common these days. According to the latest statistical figures, around 80% of Americans have experienced back pain at least once in their life. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to treat back pain and bad postures permanently. Most of the painkillers offer temporary relief and have many negative side-effects. The pain relieving sprays and belts are no better.

Experts suggest that permanent treatment of back pain and bad posture can only be ensured by keeping the spine straight, cushioning the pain points with optimal support, and distributing the body weight evenly. Bael Wellness designs ergonomic products based on these points to treat specific conditions, improve posture, sitting experience, and provide a healthy lifestyle. The company's patented seat cushion and travel neck pillow have already received a promising response from the users in

The products from Bael Wellness are designed to address back pain and bad postures naturally and permanently without causing any side effects.

These products have been used effectively by people that:

- Suffer from back pain.
- Have posture problems.
- Remain seated for longer hours.
- Travel frequently.

At present, Bael Wellness sells their product s online in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Canada. The company has ambitious expansion plans for the future. The founders Ashish Upadhyay and Dhwani Upadhyay have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through Fundable. This campaign's funding goal is $50,000, and this amount will be spent to manufacture more inventories for their online and offline retail stores. Their ultimate target is to reach yearly revenue of $1.5 million. In order to achieve their funding goal, Bael Wellness is offering a healthy discount on both their products.

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About Bael Wellness
Bael Wellness delivers state-of-the-art products for the treatment of specific conditions, improve posture, sitting experience, and provide a healthy lifestyle to the users. Their patented seat cushions and travel neck pillow are selling successfully in,,, and few other retailer sites.