Old New York Deli & Bakery Co

Bakery Franchise Old New York Deli Makes Hosting Summer Parties Easy for Customers - And Profitable for Franchisees

All summer long, customers are having Old New York Deli cater their picnics and parties -- and that's good news for both guests and franchisees. With classic bagels, affordable sandwiches and tasty pastries, Old New York Deli serves up delicious food for guests and profits for franchisees.


Camarillo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2015 --Old New York Deli is making it easy for people to serve up delicious food at their picnics and parties -- and that's good news for more than just hosts and guests. All summer long, people have been coming to Old New York Deli for bagels, sandwiches, pastries and drinks to serve their guests. As the bakery franchise has become popular among hosts and guests, it's also caught the attention of another party: franchisees.

Hosts come again and again to Old New York Deli for their catering needs, because the bakery franchise provides a diverse array of foods that people like at a price that hosts can afford. The catering menu features everything from pastries and fruit displays to breakfast burritos and wraps. Of course, there are plenty of bagel options to complement the sandwiches, salads and subs.

Prices for these items vary, but they're all affordable. Additionally, because Old New York Deli only uses high-quality ingredients like Certified Angus Beef, free-range brown eggs and organic coffee, everything is good. Few other franchises offer the variety and quality of food, which is why this bakery franchise has quickly become popular with hosts this summer.

For franchisees interested in a cafe or restaurant, this is the perfect recipe for success. The food is good, varied and affordable. People like it, and they're coming back more and more this summer.

Old New York Deli currently has two company-owned locations and one franchise location. Franchisees, however, are talking with the bakery franchise about territories they might be interested in. This is an exciting time in the company's history, and an opportunity for franchisees to get in on a growing and successful business.

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