Jim Formichella

Phenix Research Is the U.S. Distributor for FluidX 2D Storage Products and Equipment


Candler, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2013 --Phenix Research and FluidX are proud to announce their new partnership for Phenix Research to distribute the FluidX line of 2D products and equipment to customers in the United States. With over fifteen years of continuous development and an involvement with the team that developed the very first 2D datamatrix bar coded tubes, FluidX has earned a matchless reputation as a top barcode reader and decapper equipment provider along with other 2D sample storage and tracking products.

Phenix Research prides itself on bringing the newest technologies to the market to help support and further the progress of Life Science research. The relationship between Phenix Research and FluidX shall act as a catalyst to speed along this progress, allowing the highest level of 2D products to be distributed to the scientific community in the United States.

With the strategic partnership between Phenix Research and FluidX, scientists in the United States will gain access to the following FluidX 2D products:

- Standard & 2D Barcoded Storage Tubes
- Capper/Decapper equipment
- 2D barcode reader
- Labeling Equipment

FluidX 2D products are known for their versatility and compatibility with all other tube manufacturers. More specifically, their state of the art decoding equipment is fast and compact, simple to use, easy to integrate, and has world-class capabilities. The FluidX 2D line of products will continue to help scientists innovate their current methods with accuracy and efficiency.

About Phenix Research
Phenix Research provides customers the highest possible level of service along with competitive pricing and high quality Life Science and Genomics laboratory products. By providing access to the highest quality barcode reader and decapper products from FluidX, the scientific community in the United States will benefit with improved laboratory testing and research.

To get in contact with Phenix Research please call 1-800-767-0665 or contact them via email at Sales@PhenixResearch.com