Barrie House

Barrie House Moves Up to #4 on Fair Trade Certified Partners List

The Fair Trade Certified Partners 2016 report moves Barrie House Up to #4 on their top 20 list of manufacturers.


Elmsford, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2017 --Barrie House's brand coffee portfolio holdings are 50% fair trade organic certified coffees. Factors enabling the increase include: introducing Fair Trade Organic Espresso Capsules, expanding the offerings of single serve capsules and transitioning popular whole bean flavored coffees to fair trade organic moved Barrie House up the partner list.

Barrie House wants to expand the ongoing conversation with customers regarding where coffee comes from, how it's made and heighten their awareness that coffee changes from harvest to harvest with climate changes, political environments and farmers' crop decisions, in the effort to encourage coffee drinkers to have an even greater appreciation of their coffee choices.

Key to Barrie House Sustainable Strategy:

- Continuing to expand its fair trade organic offerings

- Discovering new sources of fair trade organic coffees from quality farmers and producers

- Producing recyclable single serve capsules

- Using naturally flavored essences for flavored coffees

- Participating in more ways as a Fair Trade Certified Partner through outreach and sponsorships

- Shortening the path between farm to cup

"As an artisanal small-batch roaster we are intent on pursuing high-quality green coffee while being environmentally and socially responsible. It is a core value for us, says David Goldstein. We are a company customers trust to deliver coffee products that shorten the path between farm to cup."