Battery Plug Delivers Clean Energy on the Go


Orihuela, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2016 --On a global scale, people are becoming more and more cognizant of the need for clean, renewable sources of energy. The makers of Battery Plug have devised an ingenious solution to help deliver clean energy on the go.

Battery Plug is a portable, rechargeable electric power supply that can be charged either through a home wall outlet or via a built-in solar panel. It will eliminate the need for a gasoline-powered generator by supplying hours of electric current for power tools, TVs, LED lighting, laptops or other electrical needs, and can even be used to jump-start a 12-volt car battery.

Battery Plug will be available in Mini, Professional or Battery Plug Plus configurations, ranging the size of a toaster up to the size of a briefcase. At 400W and 3.6Kg, Mini Battery Plug can store and deliver enough current for eight hours of lighting, six hours of TV, four hours of laptop use or three hours of power tools or PC use. Mini Battery Plug features an ergonomic handle, cooling fan, Schuko plug, solar panel and on/off switch. At 500W and 8 Kg, the Professional model can provide 16 hours' illumination, eight hours of TV, six hours of laptop or power tools and 5 hours of PC use. The Professional model features cooling fan, on/off switch, solar panel, Schuko plug, ergonomic handle and built-in lamp.

With its lithium ion battery, Battery Plug Plus can store and deliver 500W and 3.5 Kg, enough for 24 hours' illumination and eight hours of TV, laptop, power tools or PC use. The Battery Plug Plus model features a solar charger, fan, universal plug, built-in lamp, fuse, ergonomic grip and AC/DC selector switch. Battery Plug is the perfect option for job sites, recreation such as camping or fishing or emergencies such as power outages.

About Battery Plug
The makers of Battery Plug have announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund this innovative product, and are requesting pledges before Fri, Mar 25 2016. Pledges at each level will come with rewards for investing in this startup company and helping to set up production of the product line. Supporters of clean energy are invited to help make a difference in the world by investing in this innovative, ingenious product that can help change the future of clean energy.