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RV Battery and Propane Tank Thefts Stopped Cold by Battery Shackle


Redding, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2015 --Seeking to help RV owners keep their recreational vehicles safe, Battery Shackle has created their line of protective lock down devices for RV batteries and propane tanks. Their locks take 30 seconds to install, about the same amount of time it takes a thief to grab and run away with an RV battery or propane tank. Theft of RV parts and accessories are on the rise. With Battery Shackle, RV batteries and propane tanks cannot be removed without heavy duty cutting tools and lots of time and noise. The company makes and sells a Battery Shackle for single batteries, dual batteries and propane tanks.

Robert Beatty, co-founder and CEO of Battery Shackle recently commented on the company's products saying, "All of Battery Shackle's locks have received first page ratings on Amazon, Google and eBay. Our patent-pending locking systems are made in the USA by certified welders. There are a few similar products on the market but nothing close to this level of security and value."

With RV batteries costing between $150 to over $200, and propane tanks costing nearly twice as much, the ease of access of these kind of RV accessories tempts those who seek out what are called opportunistic thefts. These are thefts carried out by people who aren't professional criminals, but who nonetheless won't pass up an easy opportunity to get away with something. Battery Shackle locks are secured with no less than three pad locks. Just as an opportunistic thief can see how easy an unsecured battery or tank is to walk away with, they just as easily see how tough it would be to take one secured with a Battery Shackle.

For more information, including video demonstrations of the Battery Shackle, go to their website at

Battery Shackle is currently running a special where they will include a full set of locks with every device sold.

About Battery Shackle
Located in Redding, CA, Battery Shackle manufactures locks which require extreme effort and professional cutting tools to break off. The locks are for use on recreational vehicle batteries and propane tanks. They sell locks for single and dual RV batteries, and a lock for propane tanks. Battery Shackle is a woman-owned company.

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