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B&D to Take Part in PTC ASIA 2020 Expo with New Screw Air Compressors


Foshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2020 --PTC Asia 2020
As an international Expo, PTC ASIA 2020 is held on Nov.3rd-6th in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Guangdong Baldor-tech Co., Ltd. takes part into the event with new series of oil-injected and oil-free air compressors. Come and learn more about B&D products at Booth No. N5 B3.

Here are details.

B&D Screw Air Compressor (Bl37) 37KW, 30~120Kpa. Min. capacity: 360 m3/h, 1200m3/h

B&D screw air compressor uses PM motor to realize variable speed control. The adjusting range of speed is wide, and it saves over 30% energy than roots blower.

1. Customized air-end of screw air compressor is coated by advanced coating technology and has high volumetrical efficiency. The rotor can serve for a long time.

2. Compressed air with 100% oil-free.

3. The new sound insulation system ensures low noise and low vibration.

4. Online management system with B&D Cloud.

5. High-precision synchronous gear and name-brand spare parts ensure the reliability of screw air compressor.

Industrial Applications
B&D screw type compressor is suitable for industry of sewage treatment, air-water recoil, oxidative desulfurization, pneumatic conveying, printing, leather, etc.

Dry Type Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor (DM160) 160KW, 25.73m3/min, 8.5Kg

DM160 is certified to have compressed air with 100% oil free at a fixed speed of at least IP55 IE3 by PM VSD motor driven by direct coupling. This screw type compressor is controlled by PLC and B&D online management system which is cooled by fresh water.

Industrial Applications
DM160 is applied in food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, air separation industry, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, and instrument industry.

Water Lubricated Oil-Free Double Screw Air Compressor (BD-11GS)

1. Self-developed double screw type compressor is high efficient, reliable and stable.

2. The special design of water bearing truly realizes oil free.

3. Ultra-low air-discharge temperature, low vibration and low noise are available.

4. BD-11GS screw air compressor is adopted all stainless steel pipeline design with shell of food grade stainless steel.

5. Possess properties of PM variable frequency control, energy saving and environmental protection.

6. B&D online management system is supported.

Industrial Applications:

BD-11GS is available in food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, air separation industry, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, and instrument industry.

LS Series Screw Air Compressor

1. Well-designed and original new works.

2. A vertical one-shaft air-end and oil cooled PM motor and fully enclosed positive pressure canopy are equipped with.

3. Reach to over first-class energy efficiency according to the new GB19153-2019 energy efficiency standard.

4. LS series screw air compressor with centrifugal fan is low vibration, low noise, environmental protection, high efficiency, and compact size.

5. Obtain several patent technologies.

6. Supported by B&D online management system.

TK Series Industrial Air Compressor

1. The first air compressor manufacturer to make one-stage compressed pressure to 25Bar

2. Real-time display of due pressure point of the refrigerated air dryer with a range of 2~5 degree,

3. Quadruple precision filters with filtration accuracy to 0.01 micron and oil content <=0.001ppm

4. High-efficiency cyclone air/water separator with water removal efficiency >=97%.

5. Stainless steel pipeline is used for post-treatment to avoid secondary pollution.

6. Supported by B&D intelligent online management system.

Industrial Applications
TK series industrial air compressor is applied in lasing cutting industry and blow molding industry.

WS3.7TK Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor with A Dryer and Receiver Tank

1. Simple installation and small space to occupy.

2. The air-end driven by the fixed speed belt to realize few consumable spare parts and high reliability.

3. Scroll air compressor with small torque change has good balance, low vibration, stable running and simple operation.

4. 100% oil-free, continuous and stable air transmission, and clean air source can be guaranteed.

5. Oil-free scroll air compressor has compact system design, air dryer and air receiver tank. There is remained space for the installation of micro-filters and the airline is simple and easy.

Industrial Applications
WS3.7TK oil-free scroll air compressor is suitable for industries of food (food processing plants such as wineries, beverages, etc.), medical care (clinics, hospitals, air supply, pharmaceutical processing, etc.), new energy vehicles (brake systems, air conditioning systems), oxygen tanks, laboratories, printing, chemicals, precision painting and so on.

About B&D
Since founded in 1999, B&D has gained rich experience and developed advanced technology in air compressors to be an international screw air compressor supplier. B&D's air compressors including screw air compressors, scroll air compressors, centrifugal air compressors have been widely used in manufacturing industries and grabbed the top three market share in China. In the future, by upholding its mission, B&D will spare no effort to provide the most innovative solutions of air compressors for clients all over the world.

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