Be Eco-Friendly and Creative with the 3D Recycling Toolkit

3D printers have taken off. Unfortunately most 3D printing plastics can’t be easily recycled and have a significant cost. Solving this growing issue is 3D Recycling, a machine set with a conscious.


Solbiate Olona, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2016 --In 2015, the 3D printing industry grew by one billion dollars. In 2016, what seemed to be a 2015 outlier happened again, leaving the nascent industry at a five billion dollar evaluation *. As a result of this growth, the use of 3D printers has skyrocketed, and the negative environmental impact of this printing has grown accordingly. To help counterbalancing progress weight and nature sustainability is the 3D Recycling machine set. The machine set includes a plastic shredder and an extruder, allowing any user to transform common wasted plastics into any design.

The process is simple. Users drop any compatible plastic into the shredder, take the produced shreds and place them in the extruder to become plastic wire. This wire can then be fed into any 3D printer to create nearly anything. And now creation is stress-free. If any mistakes in printing are made, the product can be fed back into the shredder for reuse.

Aside from the sheer ecological benefit of recycling stands the economic benefit. A typical 3D printing material costs around twenty dollars per pound; in contrast, recyclable plastic bottles are plentiful and free. Augmenting the near-infinite usability of plastics is the durable construction of the 3D Recycling Shredder and Extruder. They are made of heavy-duty motors and stainless steel blades, ensuring that the machine set will last for years. As a side benefit, the machines are able to handle a high volume of material: the shredder grinds 1.5 liters of material in just ten seconds. Unfortunately, a project of this scope requires considerable funding to complete. To remedy this issue, the 3D Recycling team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Patrons will be rewarded with anything from a thank you letter to a thirty percent discount. With the support of readers the 3D Recycling team truly can reduce the carbon footprint of every aspiring creative.

About 3D Recycling
The 3D Recycling machine set was conceived by founder Davide Fantinelli. He holds over twenty years in the industry of mechanical manufacturing, allowing Davide the needed insight to create practical and high-end machine. He also holds a degree in business and marketing which he hopes to put to use in changing the world of plastic recycling. Davide simply set out to create an innovation applicable for anyone, and along the way he figured why not make it eco-friendly.

To learn more or support the 3D Recycling project visit the Kickstarter campaign page.