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Beach Environmental Offers Bed Bug Detection Dog Services in South Florida

Beach Environmental is the first pest control company in South Florida to own a certified Bed Bug detection dog.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2011 -- Beach Environmental is the first pest control company in South Florida to own a certified Bed Bug detection dog. They have also done training in the newest technologies of Bed Bug management. If Bed Bugs are bugging you call Beach Environmental to learn about our Bed Bug elimination process.

Dia is a highly trained dog that detects Bed Bugs. She can pin point their locations with sent. A Bed Bug detection dog is not only used to determine where Bed Bugs are located, but they can also certify that a new home, apartment or hotel room does not have them present. It is important and becoming more necessary to have a building inspected for these pests before moving in. So if you are purchasing a new home consider using a bed bug detection dog to certify your home is Bed Bug free.

Dia has earned the certificate Drug BEAT which is also the test used to certify police drug and bomb detection dogs. Dia and her handler have had many hours of training, with Bed Bug experts throughout the country. This type of detection dog is prevalent throughout the northern part of the country, but Beach Environmental is the first company in South Florida to own and use this type of dog.

In northern states, especially New York City, Bed Bug detection dogs are more common. The dogs are sometimes employed by specific apartment buildings, hotels, etc to make sure people are not brining Bed Bugs in with them. These dogs inspect luggage and routinely check different rooms of the building to make sure there are no Bed Bugs present. This method helps prevent an infestation of Bed Bugs and also controls the spread of these bugs.

With the increase in traveling, the spread of Bed Bugs is only expected to rise. Bed Bugs hitchhike on clothing and other materials, making them easy to spread. A fully grown Bed Bug is only the size of an apple seed and as thin as a credit card. Bed Bug larva, however, can be as small as the head of a pin. They can hide within the fabric of clothing, sheets, and anything that has a thread count.

Bed Bugs are becoming a real problem in the United States. Prevention and elimination of Bed Bugs is the only way to stop the spread. Beach Environmental uses the effective and efficient methods to eliminate and prevent these pests from coming back.

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