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Beard Marine Group Delivers Quality Chilled Water Systems in Hollywood and Miami, Florida

Chilled water systems are perfect for commercial buildings and are typically cheaper to operate than Direct Expansion systems. One can also use them in the residential unit as well.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2019 --Chilled water systems are much in demand today. A typical chiller uses the process of refrigeration to chill water in a chiller barrel. The water is pumped through chilled water piping throughout the building where it will pass through a coil. The heat exchange process takes place as air is passed over this coil. The heat in the air is absorbed into the coils and then into the water.

Beard Marine Group is a reputable company that offers the largest marine air conditioning, water maker, and chilled water systems in Hollywood and Miami, Florida. The purpose of buying chiller is to remove heat from the water. It is primarily used as a refrigerant to remove heat from the building.

The chilled water circulates through a chilled water loop and through coils located in air handlers. One can also find systems that include other HVAC equipment designed to exchange heat such as computer room air conditioners.

The chilled water absorbs the heat from the building, keeping it cool and comfortable. It then returns to the chiller where the latter removes the heat from the water using the refrigeration process.

Beard Marine also offers some chilled water loop arrangements which are pretty complex. There are a variety of chillers available in the market ranging from the ones smaller than 5 tons as well as others with several hundred tons. Depending on the requirements and budget, one can choose the right system. The range of systems can be utilized in residential applications, commercial buildings, and industrial process applications.

Many chillers come up with cooling towers where heat removed in the chiller barrel is transferred to another barrel. It is the condenser barrel where the refrigerant is condensed and sent back to the evaporator barrel to remove the heat.

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Beard Marine specializes in chilled water upgrades and refits, custom and special application refrigeration systems, as well as Sea Recovery reverse osmosis water-makers. Beard Marine offers mobile repair services on all major brands of chilled water and direct expansion air conditioning, refrigeration and reverse osmosis watermakers.