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Beard Marine Helps Preserve Sea Fish with Advanced Boat Ice Market in Delray Beach and Miami, Florida

To prevent the spoilage rate and preserve the catch in the sea, using a boat ice maker in Delray Beach and Miami, Florida.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2019 --The use of ice in fishing boats has many far-reaching benefits. To keep the catch fresh and pure, it is essential to maintain a precise temperature. The absence of the right arrangement needed to preserve the catch can invariably expedite the spoilage process as it strongly depends on temperatures. No other factor influences the freshness of seafood as strongly as temperature.

Higher temperatures accelerate the process, while the lower temperature can significantly slow down the process. Even a slight increase in temperature can cause damage to the catch. As such, an adequate amount of flakes are required to preserve the fish, preventing spoilage.

The emergence of modern boat ice makers and other refrigeration tools provide fishermen greater control in the sea, keeping their cash fresh and pure. Irrespective of the length of the trip, fishermen can benefit from such lightweight flake ice machines. The quality of ice is no longer going to determine the trip length. With boat ice maker in Delray Beach and Miami, Florida, the fish will remain just as fresh as the day they are caught.

The seafood supply chain heavily depends on flake ice, which is traditional cubed or crushed ice in numerous ways. Flake ice offers better cooling, with more surface area to provide uniform cooling, which perfectly preserves seafood products. Being softer and having no sharp edges, flakes can hardly injure the fish or cause any bruise during storage.

Beard Marine is a premium resource for quality boat ice makers and other marine refrigeration equipment. All the machines are available with a separate condenser. The machines are delivered ready for connection to electricity and water supplies. A high voltage connection and a pump to supply the trawler machine with seawater are required.

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