Beautiful Illustrated Story of Magical Love, the Bear Woman, Being Released This Summer


Devon, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2017 --Ocean Ananda, a Swedish-born writer based in the UK, is set to release her imaginative tale of a magical and inspiring woman this summer. The Bear Woman is a beautiful story capable of touching the deepest recesses of the heart through the author's masterful use of archetypal imagery. The story is made even more alive by the illustrative accompaniment of Dorrie Joy, a London-born intuitive painter with a rich history creating indigenous and dream-like art.

The Bear Woman tells the story of Loana, a young girl who grows up to be profoundly different than any other woman. Her past is colored by both tragedy and grace. Like many who live out such a fate, her resulting uniqueness becomes both her greatest gift as well as an almost unbridgeable chasm between her and others. Only if Loana can find someone who is capable of understanding and appreciating her for who she is will she discover the deepest connection of the human experience. How rare to find such a soul, who in this story comes from the most unexpected of encounters.

A tale filled with adventure and mystery, The Bear Woman is a universal story for all ages, young and old. It is one to inspire wonder in the young, but also to reconnect adults with the awe-filled, magical world of childhood. Ocean Ananda is excited to release her first published book and to bring her dream to reality, seeing The Bear Woman, as well as more of her stories, in print.

Ananda has already found a publisher for the book, Britain's Next Bestseller, a UK agency that is passionate about supporting indie authors, and illustrator Dorrie Joy began creating the art for The Bear Woman in May of 2017. To raise the funds for the final printing and publication costs, the author has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Interested backers can support the campaign and in return, choose from a selection of fantastic perks including an early digital copy of the story for only £1, a signed copy of the paperback version, and bundle offers for story lovers, which will include The Bear Woman along with other titles. Digital copies and print copies will be sent out in August 2017.

To support the campaign and to enjoy a personal digital or print copy of The Bear Woman, visit the Indiegogo page.