BeautyClick in Kenya Launches East Africa's First Online Marketplace for Human Hair Extensions Sold Through Salon Professionals

The first online marketplace in Sub Saharan Africa for human hair extensions sold through professionals dubbed BeautyClick has been launched in Kenya.


Nairobi, Kenya -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --Before the launch of BeautyClick in Kenya, no other platform in Kenya offered hairdressers, stylists and other beauty professionals an opportunity to promote their work and make money while they are at it. This business model presented by BeautyClick involves signing up agents who are to act as the brand's ambassadors by referring other people to use the company's products.

BeautyClick is targeting salons, stylists and other professionals in the beauty industry. When these professionals recommend the brand of human hair extensions online to their customers, they earn a commission on every sale made.

"Only a few salons in Kenya sell their own human hair products", says BeautyClick Kenya founder and chairman Jesper Drescher. "Most hair dressers will ask their customers to go and buy hair from a local retailer or supermarket. What happens is, customers end up paying too much for the hair or getting a product of substandard quality. We want to change that as BeautyClick" adds Drescher.

The company promises professionals in the hair and beauty industry in Kenya to help in promoting their brand and supplementing their income. This brand of human hair weaves also helps beauty professionals to enhance their relationship with customers after recommending a good quality product.

This model of using beauty professionals as brand ambassadors is relatively new in Sub-saharan Africa. What makes BeautyClick Kenya even more unique is their online system where customers can make orders from.

By signing up as an agent on BeautyClick, one doesn't need to have a physical shop and stock it with human hair weaves. Hair dressers are acting as the distributors and salespeople by selling their virgin human hair directly to their customers. They don't have to maintain any stock. Items can be purchased on order and delivered to the client at no cost.

BeautyClick Kenya has an online system designed using cutting edge technology to enhance reliability and provide the best user experience. The company has also invested in social networking platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to their agents and end users.

The growth in social media platforms and smartphone usage in Kenya has facilitated companies like BeautyClick Kenya. The founder added that they are willing to help upcoming and well-known stylists in Kenya to promote their work and market their webshops using their growing social platforms.

About BeautyClick
BeautyClick is an initiative of Africanhair ltd, a subsidiary of BeautyClick ApS in Kenya. The company was founded in 2016 and offers dry hair products for sale across Sub-Saharan Africa. With its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya the company has a vision of being the leading provider of dry hair products across Sub-Saharan Africa.

More information about the company can be found on their site Call +254700 55 24 56 if you have any inquiries.

Hairdressers who are interested in this opportunity can sign up as an agent on their site Sign up is currently free. After signing up, the agent is given a unique webshop which they can recommend their clients to visit and buy a product. When the customer buys the product, a commission of 15% of each sale is given to the respective agent.