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Beck Insurance Coverage Discusses Three Important Things Farmers Should Know About Farm Insurance


Archbold, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2021 --Beck Insurance Agency is proud to serve farmers in Defiance, OH, Montpelier, OH, Perrysburg, Wauseon, OH, Whitehouse, OH, Archbold, OH, and the surrounding areas with farm insurance coverage. Understanding that farm insurance is a unique form of coverage that's not suitable for all clients, Beck Insurance Agency informs farmers and ranchers of three important things farmers should know about farm insurance coverage, which includes:

1) Hobby farming and profit farming require different farm insurance policies.

While in general farm insurance coverage combines unique forms of home insurance with business insurance coverage, farmers who farm for hobby need a unique form of farm insurance coverage that covers farmers that do not make a living from farming.

2) Ranchers need special coverage to protect livestock.

While the term farm insurance may encompass livestock, livestock insurance is a specific form of coverage that covers the various aspects of raising livestock. Two types of livestock insurance coverage include individual coverage (each animal covered individually) and blanket coverage (multiple animals covered under one lump sum amount).

3) Standard home insurance policies provide coverage for some farming activities.

While farm insurance coverage excludes equipment, livestock, and farm properties, there are certain aspects of farming that are covered in standard homeowner's policies. This includes large gardens or small hobby farms.

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Beck Insurance Agency serves farmers throughout Montpelier, OH, Defiance, OH, Perrysburg, Whitehouse, OH, Wauseon, OH, Archbold, OH, and the surrounding areas with farm insurance coverage. Utilizing its strong relationships with the most respected insurance carriers in the nation, Beck Insurance Agency is not captive to a single carrier, enabling them to provide farmers with a range of coverage options for every budget and unique requirement.

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