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Beck Insurance Help Overcome Barriers of Life Insurance to Residents of Bryan OH, Defiance OH, Montpelier OH, Perrysburg, Toledo and Wauseon, OH


Archbold, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2019 --Beck Insurance, serving the Toledo communities of Bryan, Defiance, Montpelier, Perrysburg, and Wauseon is looking to help residents in overcoming some of the boundaries in finding life insurance.

Life insurance is one of the most over-looked insurances. As opposed to home or auto where insurance many be required by lenders or local municipalities, life insurance is rarely required. Occasionally a business loan or agreement will require a person to purchase a life insurance policy but otherwise, life insurance is optional. This may be one of the many reasons perhaps that some people may overlook the need.

Other reasons for overlooking life insurance may be not realizing the price or hesitant to go through the medical exam. In regard to the first barrier of cost, research has shown that people overestimate the price of life insurance as much as five times over. So, while many people may think life insurance costs hundreds, a very basic plan can be less monthly than what is paid weekly for lunch. If this is indeed a barrier, an independent agent such as Beck Insurance has the benefit of being able to shop for discounts and pricing among various life insurance carriers. The premiums for life insurance are based on different measurements including life expectancy, age, sex, tobacco usage, and health status. The importance of each metric may be different from carrier to carrier. This is another benefit of an independent agent who will know which is the carrier best for young males vs older females for example.

Medical exams can also be avoided under certain conditions. Certain life insurance coverage amounts charge the same or possibly less without the medical exam. Typically, those less without the medical exam are policies with the lowest coverage amounts. If someone is looking for a low-cost, low-premium coverage at a low coverage amount, this could be an option. But if someone is looking for a high coverage life insurance policy, one without a medical exam would cost more. However, only an independent agent with access to multiple carriers will be able to provide the various options. If someone is looking for more coverage and is still adamant about avoiding a medical exam, an independent agent is a great option to shop around various policy requirements.

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Beck Insurance Agency is an independent agency and has been a trusted source of life insurance for over 70 years. The independent agency serves the Northwestern Ohio community including Bryan OH, Defiance OH, Montpelier OH, Perrysburg, Toledo, and Wauseon, OH. For more information, please visit