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Beck Insurance Reminds Motorcycle Riders to Review Their Motorcycle Insurance Policies


Archbold, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2019 --Beck Insurance, serving the Toledo communities of Bryan, Maumee, Perrysburg, Waterview and Wauseon wants to remind motorcycle owners and riders that there is more than just a spring tune-up to ensure summer fun. After sitting in the carport or garage all winter, many motorcycle enthusiasts take their bike to get a full tune-up so they can take advantage of warmer weather. However, they are missing an important part of their motorcycle adventures – adequate insurance to cover loss, liability and medical expenses.

Perhaps riders are making a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Sturgis. Imagine the pain and disappointment of an accident along the way. Various policies for motorcycle insurance can offer roadside assistance or comprehensive in case of theft or fire. While both are also great options for local riding, special events and attractions usually increase the rate of theft and other occurrences of damage. And, if riders have made any high-cost additions to their bikes, such upgraded exhaust pipes, saddle bags or seats, they might want to consider additional coverage to these after-market purchases. The pride of customizing a vehicle with high-price accessories can also be an attraction to theft or be heavily damaged in the case of an accident.

Even enjoying local roads, events and sites have their own dangers. An astounding 52% percent of accidents happen within a 5-mile radius of a motorcycle owner's residence. Bundle that with the 69% of accidents within 10 miles and even shorter rides require adequate motorcycle insurance. Even while thinking they are within the safety of their neighborhood or not driving on highways, riders of motorcycles need to be sure they are covered for their bike, safety and liability.

If a companion is joining a fellow rider on various rides either to far events or just around town, Beck Insurance encourages them to bring up the topic of motorcycle insurance coverages for other riders and passengers. Minimum liability coverage may not cover passengers. The high risk of motorcycles applies to passengers also. Of all motorcycle crashes, over 78% resulted in injury. There's no doubt that this applies to passengers as well. While passengers may have absolute faith in their driver, most crashes are caused by vehicle drivers making left hand turns and out of the control of motorcycle riders.

Most motorcycle accidents are the result of a vehicular traffic and out of control of motorcycle riders themselves. Even with high quality crash protection equipment and clothing, damage to the motorcycle itself or the colliding vehicle should be covered for liability, loss and injury with motorcycle insurance.

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