BeED Is Reinventing Education with a Marketplace That Changes the Way Students Learn


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2016 --BeED, the revolutionary new educational marketplace that empowers educators to become entrepreneurs, is now live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Using a mobile app, BeEd's founder has a vision to create a virtual marketplace for students and for educators. The location-based app will allow students to learn while traveling or even in their home-country. Students can choose any host of subjects based on their age and level of education and use a mobile device to be guided through a city or space to learn more.

"The prevalence of the Internet in our daily lives has largely changed the way we choose to learn," said Michael Chian, the founder of BeED,"Market driven education is where we want to be."

Students are consumers of information who are looking for new and flexible ways to learn. BeED's location-enabled interactive application is about bringing freedom to the learning process covering multiple disciplines and geographical borders. BeED is about empowering students to choose what they want to learn, at their own pace; anywhere and anytime 'on-demand'. Using a mobile device as a tool, learning could literally be a walk in a park or an exploration in a foreign land. The unknown is the new classroom.

Class trips and personal learning experiences can be tailored to one's needs. BeED is also about empowering educators to use their skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs in this borderless horizon of learning. Combined with travel and transport integration, BeED is about creating a marketplace for 'on-demand' learning and for educators to reach out to students globally.

The company said the app doesn't replace a traditional classroom for now, but it will be a model for education in the future and it could potentially be used to integrate into current school activities including school trips.

"Kids don't like being told where to go, we're giving them a chance to explore the world for themselves," added Chian, "The app will have options for use by a school as well as individual students and travel agents that wish to breach into the Educational Travel industry. for their own self-learning experience."

The BeED campaign is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About BeED
The goal of BeED is to break all barriers to learning. By making travel easier and seamlessly connecting Learners to Educators through our app, we inspire our users to go on adventures and to enrich themselves with knowledge.

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