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Beginners Getting Thousands of Fans Using a Facebook Fan Page

An Interview With The Author And Creator Of Facebook Fan Page Covert – Emil Constantine


Mississauga, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2010 -- Emil Constantine recently released a new system called Facebook Fan Page Covert. The system gets straight to the point of how you can use a simple method to get thousands of eager fans you can profit from 24/7 for free, and establish yourself as an authority in your market. It is truly the most comprehensive video training program that anyone can follow at:

Below is an interview I did with Emil on May 25th, 2010.

Marcy: Emil, I know that Facebook is a website with enormous potential for marketers and business owners. Could you please tell us the essential factor that is needed to access these users?

Emil: Is not a big secret really. Is just a matter of interacting with people, that's what social networking is all about anyway, let them know that you're there to have fun... and help them out when they need it.

Marcy: I agree. But there is a BIG question: How do you access these users? Simply creating a Facebook account and adding some friends is not enough, you need to do more... you need to attract your fans somehow.

Emil: True! And the answer to this question is: Create a Facebook Fan Page! Creating your fan page will allow you to start building a list of dedicated followers ready to hear anything you have to say. You'll have instant access to them and you can mail them highly targeted messages any time you want.

See the full details on Facebook Fan Page Covert here:

Marcy: Outstanding. Could you please mention few benefits of your system?

Emil: Whatever niche or market you are working in, with a Facebook fan page you’ll be able to:
- Establish yourself as an authority in that niche or market
- Build a relationship with both your prospective and existing customers
- Target your marketing with laser like precision
- Build your autoresponder list
- Market products and services to an eager fan base!

Marcy: Emil, tell me please... how easy is to follow your video training program?

Emil: This is a step by step video program... and is literally like you are sitting here next to me watching me as I share with you everything I know about creating a profitable fan page. Is it over the shoulder training of the quality you only ever find in high ticket coaching programs. There is nothing left to wonder around. Whether you are a new, intermediate or advanced user, you will be guided through everything to do with fan pages from first principle through advanced techniques including setting the whole thing up.

Marcy: Is this only for Internet Marketers and Online Business Owners , or other people can us it?

Emil: The program was designed to fit the interests of Marketers and Business Owners... However, any Facebook user may use the system to build a list of fans and truly enjoy social networking to its full potential.

Marcy: Thank you Emil. I'm looking forward to use this myself :))

Emil: You're welcome Marcy. This is a fact: 20 million people become fans every single day! Just think of what you could do if even a hundred of those become your fan every day!

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