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Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd Skillfully Carries out Technical Management of Solar Power Plant Assets


Warszawa, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2020 --Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, being a well-known player in the field of "green" generation of alternative energy in the American, European and Asian markets, to ensure the best performance of the solar power plant, carries out technical asset management. The technical management of power plant assets includes a number of ancillary measures that are taken to maximize the production of electricity, as well as minimize downtime and reduce the costs of generating enterprises. A deeper understanding and a systematic approach to the responsibilities on technical asset management sets Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd apart from the general station maintenance service, even if a well-trained team provides maintenance and operation. To briefly describe what technical asset management is about, it can be said that it is the control of the activities of the maintenance and operation of the plant (or providers of such services) and the guarantee that the requirements of the service contract are fully complied with.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd technicians ensure complete coordination and necessary information exchange between all interested parties, especially in the case when the Station Owner and the Operation and Maintenance Contractor are separate entities.

Technical asset management includes a clear and all-encompassing knowledge of how much energy should be produced by an object over a certain period of time, taking into account factors such as weather, seasons or gradual technical aging (degradation) of components, etc. Also, technical asset management aims to ensure the long-term reliability of the solar power infrastructure.

Among the main activities carried out by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd within the framework of technical asset management, the following can be distinguished:

- Control of the health and safety system,

- Compliance with ecological requirements for environmental protection, as well as their improvement,

- Asset optimization (technical),

- Working with contracts,

- Maintenance of insurance claims,

- Management of warranty obligations,

- Working and liaising with the local network operator and other regulatory bodies,

- Management of subcontractors and an additional service provider,

- Visiting and inspecting facilities,

- Management of technical reporting at all levels.

As a best practice, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd specialists carry out inspections of the solar power generation facility in coordination with the operation and maintenance personnel. At the same time, proper inspection and verification is carried out to identify and solve current technical problems. As a result, a service improvement plan is developed in cooperation with the operations and maintenance personnel.

Only an integrated approach to the operation of "green" alternative energy facilities can fully ensure the long-term maintenance of a solar power plant with design indicators without interruptions in its operation and at the maximum possible and effective power throughout the entire 30-year service life of the power plant equipment. Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd will gladly share its many years of experience in the construction and operation of solar and alternative energy generating facilities. The company's specialists are ready for any options for cooperation and are waiting for you!