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Bello Opal Debuts in Pantone Color of the Year with Two More Fiery Options for Designers Worldwide

Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd. answers the marketplace teeming with fans of opal with an option ablaze with affordable possibilities.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2018 --Providing jewelry designers with on-trend colors for consumers who love the look of opal, Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd. announces their take on "nature's fireworks." Noted in the industry as the creator of Bello Opal, the company offers 78 colors of what the Romans historically referred to as the Queen of Gems. More fashionable now than ever before due to the newfound ability to meet the consumer demand, synthetic opal takes center stage. Its play on a myriad of color choices has created a windstorm of possibilities. Those possibilities for designers range from cabochons to crushed opal to watch dials with intricate designs; at the center of all this is Bello Opal.

Alice Fung, Sales Manager at Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd., said, "Although opal is a stunning gemstone, due to its scarcity, large production quantities for commercial businesses can't be achieved. Bello Opal harkens to the same beauty of natural opal and satisfies the need for businesses to fulfill the market demand. Moreover, it gives designers an upper hand because they can use their imagination to create unique art pieces. That's largely due to our ability to cut the stone with precision however they like."

Staying on-trend, Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd. has released two colors that fall in suit with Pantone's official color for 2018 - Ultra Violet. The company's colors OP41 and OP52 offer designers a green fire that gives a substantial hit of the popular violet shade. This play on color lends itself to the prism-like explosion within the stone that makes the opal distinct.

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About Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd.
Since 2000, Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd. has offered the marketplace the best quality Bello Opal®. The product is a polymer impregnated synthetic opal from the Forbes top-regarded company, Kyocera Corporation. Sanwa is the leading Kyocera Opal authorized distributor and has over 30-years of in-house gemstone processing experience.

Alice Fung
Sales Manager, Sanwa Pearl & Gems Ltd.
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