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Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse in the United States in 2019


Bountiful, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2019 --Article by Miranda Booher, RN

#1. Travel Nursing Offers Competitive Wages

Considering handsome paychecks are one of the top reasons professionals choose travel nursing, we'll slide this point right into the number one position on the list.

Registered nurses who travel make more money than the average staff nurse.

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse makes $70,000 annually or $33.65 per hour.

On the other hand, a travel nurse has the potential to reach an annual salary of $107,380 which is more than $50 per hour according to Payscale.

Travel nursing benefits and incentives provided by companies come together to secure the highest pay rates, which include:

Completion bonuses
Housing stipends
Travel costs
Sign-on bonuses
Referral bonuses
Shift differentials

#2. Travel Nursing Unlocks Doors to Endless Opportunities

Registered nurses are in high demand! If a person has an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree as a nurse – These skills are needed at healthcare facilities across the nation.

It's common knowledge that the United States is experiencing a drastic shortage of nurses. When it comes to the travel sector, this need is compounded! With that comes a wave of opportunity. Consider the following about working as a travel nurse:

Traveling nurses can be selective when choosing their assignments.

Once they have a couple of contracts under their belt, they will have their pick of almost any assignment they want.

They can take advantage of their time off in between contracts to relax, decompress, or visit loved ones before their next job.

While working as a travel nurse, they will never be without a job as the opportunities are literally endless.

#3. Registered Nurses who Travel Gain Experience Like Crazy

Professional growth occurs at a sped up rate as a travel nurse. They will gain confidence to take on future assignments.

They can learn a lot in 13 weeks (which is the standard length of a travel contract). In fact, it's expected of them. As a staff nurse, one might be given a week or even a month to take classes and learn the hospital's electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized systems to process orders, distribute meds, etc.

In a career as a travel nurse, one will be given a crash course, usually eight hours or less, to learn the hospital's charting system and electronic tools. In fact, every single mandatory policy and procedure will also be delivered in a rushed fashion in order to get them working as quickly as possible.

#4. Ease the Burden of Cost-of-Living Expenses

Heat. Electric. Rent. Ugh, who has time for that?

The typical expenses for cost-of-living anywhere in the states can stack up to an amount comparable to their monthly salary! Rent and mortgages are at ridiculous levels as they peak at all-time highs, which makes 2019 a great year to choose travel nursing in order to lessen the burden of living expenses.

Travel companies pay for housing expenses, including rent. If they decide to save money by taking the housing stipend, they can then use the extra cash towards their mortgage or alternative housing cost.

#5. Get Paid to Discover New Places

If their spirit longs for adventure, travel nursing might be their calling. What wanderlust wouldn't love to get paid to explore?

When considering travel nursing assignments, check out opportunities in locations in which they have always wanted to visit.

During the assignment, a traveling nurse can get out and take on the role of a tourist while in the area. Visit museums and parks, get tickets to local plays or movies and do some sightseeing.

#6. Bypass Workplace Drama

Crabby managers. Bossy nurses. A few bad apples can make a nursing job more stressful than it has to be.

Thinking of the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt"?

No matter how to chill a person is. How relaxed they are. It's inevitable. When they stay at a particular place of work for an extended period, they will be affected by the drama in the workplace.

As a travel nurse, one does have the option to stay more reserved and distance themselves from such negativity.

Three months is just enough time to get comfortable, but not too comfortable. Travel nurses will be so busy learning the flow and executing care like a pro, that they won't have the time or patience to get caught up in the drama.

#7. Freedom and Flexibility with Security

True beauty lies in having a job that is rewarding that doesn't tie a traveling nurse down. Sometimes freedom and flexibility come with the price of performing work that is not guaranteed or in an industry with poor job security.

Working as a travel nurse is the perfect way to be more autonomous in deciding on what they want and what they're willing to negotiate on. They are left to call the shots.

#8. Avoid Job Burnout

Taking on various roles is inevitable in travel nursing. However, it's a plus that traveling nurses only stay at each one only long enough to get paid well and avoid the burnout that comes with familiarity and repetition. Nursing burnout is real and it can be damaging. Switching up the assignment every few weeks helps avoid this.

As difficult as any nursing job, travel nursing work offers a total change up of scenery and co-workers, which can help keep their motivation up and their smile real.

#9. Grow. Evolve. Change.

A travel nursing career provides a unique way to rediscover oneself. Make new friends. Discover new hobbies. Experiencing new locations and environments creates opportunities to try different things and meet people. Who knows. Traveling Nurses might realize there's an entire world of things they love to do, and never even knew about.

While working as a travel nurse, cultural growth is inevitable, as intertwining with the local people and the environment will be their everyday life for as long as the contract lasts.

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