BERNIPK Video Goes Viral Taking America's Next Young and Very Talented Soldier Mainstream

US soldier and content creator moves toward filmmaking with a viral video that combines heart, home, and glimpse of what war costs.


Fort Drum, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2020 --It makes perfect sense. Be selfless and enlist, be funny and use Instagram to cheer up fellow soldiers on base, go viral, and find a passion. Enter, BERNIPK. He's the young comedic US Army Specialist with the video that has just hit 100K Facebook views. With a different tone, the eight-minute 'tug on heartstrings' entitled "The Last Call" combines the fire in Australia, the US embassy attack in Iraq, the killing of top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the military draft, scare tactics of WW3, and the cost of war on US families. Welcome to millennial content creation in 2020.

Intending to raise funding to turn The Last Call into a short film, BERNIPK said, "For six-months, I posted funny videos based on my daily life as a soldier because I knew my friends on base could relate. It was cold, and we missed our families, so it helped a little. It caught on and then, something I didn't expect happened. I became passionate about it. The success of this more serious video has refocused me again. Now, I hope someone out there can help support a bigger production."

Using his phone, BERNIPK writes, records, and edits the videos he acts in with the occasional help of a friend. Creating buzz, he has already been highlighted on the US Army's Official Page and numerous other trending sites.

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BERNIPK is enlisted in the US Army with the rank of Specialist.

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