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Rochester, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2018 --Ordinary investors are now allowed to invest in early stage start-up companies like Berylline Corporation, a Michigan based company and the latest offering on Netcapital.

Berylline's F2A is the industry's first Hybrid 3- Wheel Scooter targeting the leisure and local commuting market. Its hybrid powertrain contains a 200cc engine, a 2KW electric motor with top speed of 60 MPH. The base model is priced at $5,995, with the tour model at $6,495. Compared to other similar products, such as the Acrimoto SRK and the Solo electric car, the Berylline 3 wheel hybrid scooter is competitively priced and has a much greater overall range.

Under rules adopted by the SEC in 2015, the general public now has the opportunity to participate in the early capital raising activities of start-up and early-stage Companies, referred to as "crowdfunding". Given the fact that personal transportation is one of the active area for start-ups, Berylline could also be the perfect "financial vehicle" for ordinary investors.

Berylline targets delivery of its F2A hybrid scooter in late 2019. The company now offer pre-order incentives with discounts of $1,000 on its website:

Berylline has recently signed an agreement with an exclusive distribution & service company for central Florida, who has also agreed to purchase up to 2% of the company, with plans to expand its operations to other locations . Berylline has quickly passed the $10,000 fund raising threshold set by Netcapital. Significant returns could be realized if the company hits its financial funding goals within three to five years.

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