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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2017 --Affiliate marketing service has become an extremely popular way of promoting a business online, whether it is selling a product or a service. As compared to the other methods, such as banner advertising or Pay Per Click, it is also the cheapest. But what exactly is this? Let us find out.

Promoting a business online Every business needs to sell, and sales promotion is required for this. You might be offering the best product or service, but what good is this, if no one comes to know about the high quality of your offers? In the conventional business world, every enterprise thus needs marketing executives and sales professionals. On the internet, you do affiliate marketing. Affiliates are like your sales representatives, representing you and your business, marketing your products and services, and bringing you the sales.

Sales representatives in the conventional brick-and-mortar world come at a huge cost. You have to pay thousands of dollars towards their salaries, plus there are high commissions as well. Online affiliate marketing services, on the other hand, is a small fraction of this cost. The hiring costs are minimal. There is no salary. You pay commission only when the affiliate makes a sale, which means you can hire hundreds of affiliates, who will then spread out across the web promoting your offers.

Biphoo marketing solution is helping businesses succeed with their affiliate marketing service. They are helping businesses of all sizes advertise on the web to find affiliates, hire them, train and groom them, and set up a commission tracking system so that each sale is accounted for. In fact, Biphoo marketing solution is also helping the affiliates promote the products and services so that the parent company can bring in the sales. Not all affiliates may be experts in marketing, and thus, this service is very helpful too.

There are certain strategies to hire the right affiliates that can help. With Biphoo's affiliate marketing service, you can be sure that these strategies are being followed.

Firstly, it is important to choose the type of business and website that can be a good affiliate. Every candidate may not be good, even if they are into affiliate marketing already. An affiliate in a particular field may not be good in another.

Secondly, the right kind of advertisements needs to be published to attract the affiliates. The ads should have the correct images, text and layout. Biphoo marketing solution ensures that the advertisement's design compliments the website design, so that the ad. looks like an extension of the website. This can make a critical difference.

In some forms of affiliate marketing, commissions are paid out when the affiliate sends traffic to the parent website. But that is less effective, as compared to paying the commission only when there is a sale from the affiliate source. In other words, you pay when traffic comes to your website from the website of the affiliate, and actually buys your product.

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