Best Back to School Supplies for College

The new adventures of college will be thrilling, but lots of work is needed to accomplish big goals! Be sure to put these items on the school supply list for college


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/30/2017 --The excitement of gathering everything ready for that new dorm room or college apartment may cause students to forget that they actually need school supplies too. The new adventures of college will be thrilling, but lots of work is needed to accomplish big goals! Here is a helpful list of items to put on the school shopping list for college.

Adhesive Page Markers

Marking textbooks with adhesive page markers will make studying efforts much more efficient. Use different colors to indicate certain topic points making it easy to find for reference. This also makes it easy to get the books ready to  sell back at the end of the semester.

Backpack or Laptop Bag

A good bag is a must to carry all the textbooks and laptop across campus. There are a variety of bag options to choose from, such as a standard backpack, a messenger bag, a rucksack, a laptop bag, etc. A high-quality bag should last throughout a college career. Just make sure to pick a bag that is comfortable and can carry the proper supplies.

Binders, Folders, and Notebooks

Every student has a preferred method of taking notes and keeping organized. If paper is preferred over digital, be sure to obtain a binder or folder for each course to help with organization.


Even if math is not the chosen major, a calculator will still be needed to take at least one math and/or science course in general education studies. The chosen major will determine the type of calculator that will be need. For advanced math and science courses,  a graphing calculator is the best choice. Otherwise, a scientific calculator should work just fine. 

Cloud or Flash Storage Drive

Free cloud storage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are great online services that provide a lot of storage for school work and projects. A flash drive is not as big of a necessity as it has been in previous years, but there are still a few benefits of using a flash drive for college documents. Maintaining physical custody and security of files and not needing internet access to retrieve files are just a few.


Even though a laptop is not required by most colleges, one can greatly increase productivity. While students will have access to a school's computer lab, the convenience of having a personal computer can be an advantage. There are many to choose from and the good news is that a new laptop doesn't need to break the bank. This Apple Macbook Pro is being offered as a daily deal on Yugster.con for just $399.97! 


Listening to lectures or online study materials can really help with retention. Also listening to music while working can help with motivation and make mundane tasks a bit more bearable. A good pair of noise isolated headphones can help eliminate distractions and increase efficiency.

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