Best E-Book Reader Products Revealed in New Research

Research has unveiled the most popular eBook reader products based on features consumers take most seriously.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2013 --A series of product comparisons is now available based on recent research on eBook readers. The eBook Reader Product Comparisons is an ideal resource to find the most popular items and learn which ones are the best. This also saves book lovers time in shopping around, and be happy once they make the important purchase.

The current eBook readers on the market make it convenient and easy to read one’s favorite books in digital format. Most of them have non-reflective screens engineered to look like real paper. They are also small, lightweight, and last long on a single battery charge. In addition to wireless connectivity and the opportunity to download thousands of books, these products also feature great operating systems allowing quick access to titles and content.

Factors people look for in eBook readers have been repeated in the research. Readability is important, so factors such as screen size and appearance matter. The device must also be small enough to carry and not be too heavy. Some are small enough to fit in a handbag or pouch. Consumers always look for the latest and most simple features. The readers were ranked on functions such as automatic synchronization, adjustable fonts, bookmarks, note-taking, built-in dictionaries, and more.

In terms of readability, products were ranked according to their resolution, display size, brightness, adjustability, and more. Each also received a score. The Kindle Paperwhite and Nook GlowLight were scored at 100%, while the Kindle and Kobo Mini, for example, were further down the list. Convenience features were compared according to eBook cost, device capacity, multi-language support, and audiobook support among other features.

While the characteristics reviewed are important, another thing to consider is the free eBook reader software available from some software companies (for example, FlipBook Maker Home). Depending on the features, good software can improve the reading experience. There are also companies just like http://flippagemaker.com/ which sell eBook making software, allowing users to convert ordinary files into interactive eBooks with multimedia.

A good idea is to consider all the options before buying an eBook reader. To find more read the reviews and comparisons on the internet.