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Best E Cigarette Brands Revealed by Electronic Cigarette Bud

5 e cigarette brands chosen as the best by Electronic Cigarette Bud


Milton Keynes, Bucks -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2013 --Electronic Cigarette Bud went on a mission to find the best ecig out there and they have finally published their reviews. They tasted and tested every single electronic cigarette on this planet, reviewed them all and have now chosen the best 5 e cigarette brands.

The ecig that came top was Green Smoke with maximum scores for all factors:

Battery life was considered outstanding as was the Flavor (menthol being the favourite), huge Range of flavours, Very smooth & aromatic Vapor quality, reasonable pricing and a devlivery / Customer Service with no complaints.

Ranked second was E Lites, third was Smoke Relief and Gamucci and Vape completed the final five.

Alongside this review a survey was also conducted towards the blog's readers and the top 5 reasons for choosing the ecigarette over a real cigarette were found. These were:

The significant price difference; the fact that ecigs do not contain any tar and 99.9% fewer carcinogens than cigarettes; Ease of use and cleanliness since ecigs can be used anywhere and do not possess ash; the ease of meeting new people and making new friendships as the ecig being the novelty device it is can be used to strike up a conversation and strangely the last reason was the fact that people were happy to see the Goverment lose out on the tax profits gained from real cigarettes.


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