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Best Mattress Brand Uncovers Truth About Mattress Stores in New Article

Editors at bust myths about buying a bed in mattress stores and discuss the growing trend of online shopping in their latest release.


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --Although nothing beats the feeling of getting good sleep on a comfy new bed, finding that perfect match at a store isn't something many people look forward to. Afterall, mattress stores have a reputation for using high-pressure sales tactics and providing limited information, not to mention the awkwardness of lying down in front of a salesperson.

Recently, editors at the Best Mattress Brand website released an article tackling some of these issues as well as common myths about buying a bed. Published in full September 30, the piece is titled, "The Honest Truth About Mattress Stores," and covers seven common misconceptions about buying a bed in stores.

Among the topics discussed: why trying before you buy does not guarantee satisfaction, the inflation of mattress pricing, why beds sometimes feel different when you get them home, and the importance of checking fine print on return policies.

Editors also explain how sales tactics and salespeople don't always work in consumers' best interest. For each myth, readers learn background information and practical suggestions for getting the best bed based on industry experience and scientific studies.

Best Mattress Brand also highlights how the rise of online mattress companies like Amerisleep provides alternatives to several of the issues posed by stores by reducing overhead and putting the power in shoppers' hands. Previous guides on the website actually found that online companies tend to receive higher marks from owners than traditional in store brands, a point prospective shoppers might find interesting.

Readers may access the article in full on the Best Mattress Brand website, along with other helpful guides to mattress reviews, guides to selecting the right bed for back pain, and more.

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