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Best Mattress Online Explains Why Memory Foam Remains Top-Rated Type

The latest article from blog looks at why memory foam reigns as the top-rated mattress type and compares brands.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2014 --Although memory foam is the relative newcomer in the mattress industry, the category claims the top spot in consumer ratings. The segment continues growing its market share, and according to Best Mattress Online, there are clear reasons why memory foam is winning the race.

Published June 16, BMO’s article titled, “Why Is Memory Foam The Top-Rated Mattress Type?,” weighs the comparative advantages of visco foam against other bedding categories, highlighting the reasons for its continued success. The blog also offers an overview of popular brands and tips for choosing the best bed.

Overall, memory foam beds earn consumer satisfaction ratings around 81%, according to review sources. This is nearly 20% higher than spring beds, and slightly higher than all other specialty mattress types as well. Aiming to answer the question of why memory foam rates highest with owners, BMO explains seven potential factors including pain relief, noise and durability among others.

The article features a comparison table with ten popular brands spanning the price spectrum to demonstrate differences in satisfaction amongst the different types and qualities of memory foam mattresses. The top-rated brand is Amerisleep, an online retailer of mid-priced plant-based memory foam beds. Two discount brands and two well-known luxury brands prove slightly below-average, with the rest slightly above-average.

For consumers considering a memory foam mattress, BMO includes a simple primer to selecting the best bed based on preferences. Concepts like density, layer thickness, and properties of different foam types are introduced to provide consumers with basic information needed to make an informed purchase. The blog also hosts a variety of brand comparisons and guides to different mattress types for interested readers.

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