Best PowerPoint Alternative Focusky Announces New Functions

"We are pleasured to be here today to announce a statement about the new functions of Focusky, the best PowerPoint alternative", said Jason Chan, President of Focusky.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --Located in Hong Kong, China, the best PowerPoint alternative, Focusky is now giving a presentation about its new functions, including WordArt, Draw Effect animation, and the Action Paths Effect. Nothing is overstated on the advantages of this superior software after listening to this presentation.

A spokesman for Focusky said, "We are pleasured to be here today to announce a statement about the new functions of Focusky, the best PowerPoint alternative. Our team is committed to pursue innovation and design what the users need. Finally, we make an important step to release three new functions today."

"Firstly, WordArt is the breakthrough of word, making the font no longer drab. Easily create engaging and captivating contents by polishing the text with the WordArt and Texture. Eye-catching texts can make the page layout look greater effectively." the spokesman added. To a presentation, text is the most basic element but also the most inconspicuous. WordArt is designed to resolve this problem. Florid text contributes a lot to the video presentation, attracting much more attention and business opportunities.

The spokesman continues, "Secondly, we talk about the Draw Effect in the animation editor. It must be the most vivid entrance animation effect in Focusky's history. The fascinating hand-drawn animation effect can be easily applied. Increase interaction right away." The creative animation effect has been grabbing growing attention since it came out. Visualization is called the distinguish merit, saving time and money while presenting to audiences.

The presentation is approach to ending. Then the spokesman adds the last new function – Action Paths. "Keeping the object moving on the canvas has been the wishes from all our users. Now, Focusky makes it. Without any difficulty, set the object to move in default or custom way. Let everything dance on the canvas!" Make the mind work while using the action paths effect. Enrich and stimulate the boring silent presentation with easy.

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