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Best-Rated Memory Foam Mattresses of 2015 Report Released by Mattress Inquirer

Industry blog annouces the release of their latest report, a guide to the year’s top-rated memory foam beds and tips for shoppers.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2015 --The past couple of years have seen considerable change in the mattress world, with many new brands entering and many established brands completely revamping their lines. In an effort to provide readers with accurate and up-to-date information in this evolving market, bed blog Mattress Inquirer announces their latest report on memory foam.

Titled "Best-Rated Memory Foam Mattresses for 2015," the new guide debuts on February 10. Coming as a follow up to the website's popular 2013 guide, this new report looks at the five individual mattress models that earn the top scores in consumer reviews. Mattress Inquirer's picks include both well-known national brands and up-and-coming brands as well.

In developing the report, editors looked at over twenty brands, drawing reviews from a wide variety of sources including retailer websites, third-party review websites, consumer sites, forums and more. Factors considered include overall owner satisfaction, as well as reports of heat, odor or durability issues.

Among the top five mattresses to make the cut are beds from Wal-Mart, Tempurpedic, Amerisleep and others spanning from budget to luxury in price range. The comparison data is presented in table format for easy browsing, and the guide also includes detailed information on the top five beds.

The guide notes that the most important factors to reviewers appear to be perception of value and that medium-density range foams were associated with higher ratings. Mattress Inquirer found that online beds outperformed many of sold-in-stores brands in reviews as well.

Mattress Inquirer also offers a brief yet detailed guide to shopping for and comparing memory foam beds for readers interested in doing their own research. Topics covered include comparisons between foam densities, types of memory foam and mattress configurations. Tips on checking warranties and finding mattress reviews round out the how-to section.

The complete 2015 memory foam mattress guide is available to the public on the website along with a variety of other shopping guides and bedding news articles.

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