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Put the Tax Refund to Better Use This Year by Filing for Bankruptcy

Goren & Tucci Advise Prospective Clients on the Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy and Paying for the Process With This Year's Tax Refund


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2017 --With tax season in full swing, it's important that individuals receiving tax refunds understand one of the best financial options at their disposal. The experienced Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at Goren & Tucci, LLC, advise prospective clients that using their tax refunds this year to file for bankruptcy is a savvy and beneficial move to obtain a relief from burdensome debt. Bankruptcy also is one of the only ways to prevent foreclosure and provide a mechanism to cure back payments.

"In an attempt to do the right thing, many people will use their tax refunds to deal with their debts in a piecemeal way," says Maryland bankruptcy attorney Robert Goren. "However, this is usually sufficient to provide permanent relief or long-term benefit. Instead, using that money to file for bankruptcy will enables you to get a fresh financial start by providing full and permanent relief."

"By taking your tax refund and putting it straight into filing bankruptcy, you're essentially using 'free' or extra money that isn't coming out of pocket," says Maryland bankruptcy attorney Brian Tucci. "Now you can reap the rewards of eliminating debts and moving ahead with a brighter financial outlook without needing to reach into your own pocket to pay for the fees involved."

To find out the fees involved for filing for bankruptcy in Maryland contact Goren & Tucci, LLC today to set up a free consultation. Goren & Tucci offer flexible payment terms to their clients, and competitive rates.

Together, they have over four decades of experience in achieving positive outcomes for their clients. In addition to helping their clients file for bankruptcy, in some instances, they may recommend seeking non-bankruptcy alternatives.

Learn more about their services and how they can help Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia residents with bankruptcy and related financial matters by visiting GorenTucciLaw.com. Prospective clients can request a free Maryland bankruptcy consultation online, or can call their offices directly at 301-977-4300 to schedule an appointment.

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