Beta Testing of New Version of Email Archiving Software

The email archiving software and compliance solution Cryoserver has a new version in beta testing.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2011 --Available as an email archiving software or compliance program, Cryoserver is now beta testing Version 6 of the email storage solution. "It is wonderful to have an opportunity to complete the new version," says Robin Bingeman from Forensic & Compliance Systems, Ltd., Cryoserver's manufacturer. "The new version will provide users with an even better experience and its enhanced operations will attract new clients. We expect that our customers will be thrilled with the results."

Cryoserver's email archive solutions will automatically store all of the emails that are transmitted into, out of, or within your organization. The email archiving compliance solution deposits them in a tamper-evident, safe repository. Customers may recover archived emails by searching on a variety of different search terms. Cryoserver meets forensic email requirements and complies with regulations about emails.

Version 6 will offer an enhanced interface to its users; it will be easier for users to set up, operate, and search through their email storage. The beta-tested version will also integrate into Microsoft Outlook more tightly. Outlook is the email program that the majority of customers use.

"Cryoserver is already a speedy system. It is capable of storing or recovering emails immediately, taking just a few seconds. However, the version currently being tested will be even speedier," notes Bingeman. Cryoserver's programmers have also examined and improved the solution's functions, so clients will find it easier to work. Version 6 also has enhanced advanced search capability. Users will have more options for searching through their email archive.

"Organizations today are starting to see the necessity of email archiving appliance or services," notes Bingeman. "They are turning to Cryoserver to address this need. The new version will permit them to experience a more rapid and user-friendly system that offers even more features than prior versions. We're very pleased about what we can provide to our customers."

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Cryoserver works with various global partners and resellers in a number of markets worldwide. With clients in over 20 countries, the Cryoserver forensic compliance system is the world's leading compliance solution for email and other electronic data.

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