Betsy Ross Flag Sneakers Are on Sale Now and Everyone Can Afford a Pair


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2019 --Interesting things happened after Nike pulled the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July right out of stores and right before they were set to go on sale. The $120 pair of shoes are now available for about $5,000 on various websites and Rush Limbaugh. to thumb his nose at the whole flag fiasco, sold over 300,000 Betsy Ross Flag t-shirts generating a $3 million donation to charity.

The founder of Patriot Shoes, who wishes to remain anonymous currently, is thumbing his nose at the Betsy Ross Flag fiasco too; he's rolled out his own rendition of Betsy Ross flag sneakers. Why? America's first flag was created to be a symbol of the revolution being fought to create a new nation. Slavery was not a motivation for fighting the revolution. The revolution was fought to create a nation where "all men are created equal", even if it took more time to realize that vision. Nothing on the flag represents slavery.

Crowdfunding is underway on Indiegogo to raise the funds needed to complete the first production run of these historic athletic shoes. The shoes are all leather and are priced at roughly half off "those other shoes" were going to sell for.

Patriot Shoes has no intention of expanding its product line and building the next massive shoe company. Patriot Shoes is on a mission to ship their Betsy Ross Flag sneakers to everybody who wants a pair.

For all media inquiries contact publicist Howard Sherman (833)-276-9377.

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