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Better Box Addresses Postal Theft with Robust Locking Mailbox Design


Simpsonville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2017 --Many homeowners view their mailboxes as purely utilitarian necessities, and there are others who recognize the aesthetic possibilities. However, far too many of them ignore the security angle, and they do not even consider buying a locking mailbox. This is a huge mistake.

Identity theft has gotten a lot of attention in the media over recent years, and people take different of steps to protect themselves. In fact, there are services you can enroll in that keep tabs on your identity, and they let you know if there have been any breaches. These precautions are prudent, especially since so many people conduct business online where hacking and phishing schemes abound. Sadly, some of the same people do not realize the fact that the mail that is put into their mailbox every day can contain sensitive information that can be used by identity thieves.

In addition to the possibility of identity theft, a locking mailbox can help prevent other types of intrusions. There are a lot of people who receive checks in the mail, and individuals often send gift cards and even cash along with birthday cards and other holiday wishes. Credit cards are also sent through the mail, and ironically, they are conspicuous to experienced mail thieves because the envelopes that contain them are so plain.

There is no reason to take any chances with mail theft when you can make it very difficult for would-be thieves to victimize you through the utilization of a locking mailbox. The locking mailbox design that Better Box Mailbox offers is all but impenetrable to anyone who doesn't have some heavy-duty tools in tow, but the locking mailbox will also act as a deterrent. If you are looking for a quick score as a mail thief, why struggle without a locking mailbox when you don't have to?

Better Box Mailboxes has the goods when it comes to locking mailboxes, and you may want to visit their website if you are currently rolling the dice with a mailbox that is an unprotected mail theft magnet.

About Better Box Mailbox
Better Box Mailbox is an innovative mailbox manufacturer that offers locking mailbox solutions for security-minded homeowners and developers.