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Bev Baker Released New Book, Mind Synergy to Transform People's Lives

The Author of Mind Synergy has asked if a person doesn’t know their own mind how do they know if it’s working effectively? Bev Baker also asks if people knew their own mind and had no stress or self-doubt and their mind worked in sync with them, then what would their life be like? These are some of the important questions the author’s covers in her latest book.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2015 --The new book by Bev Baker, 'Mind Synergy' helps people take control of their mind for a positive future. Mind Synergy is what happens when you have all parts of your mind working together to support you so that you can live the life of your dreams.

Mind synergy is not any old self-help book. The book is a well written tool that will change a person's life. That is no idle promise says the author. Bev Baker with her understanding of psychology uses quantum physics to explain what actually goes on in a person's mind.

But before the readers run for the hills thinking it's going to be tough going, nothing can be further from the truth. One of the true skills of the book is its ability to get scholarly topics across in a simple way. Suddenly the reader understands quantum physics, the laws of nature, how they apply to their mind and why they are the way they are.

Bev Baker argues that a person's mind has the same anatomy as Einstein and Da Vinci. The only difference is that they knew how to use their mind to its true potential.

She continues, "Mind Synergy is about you. It's about how you lost your mind and how with my help you are going to get it back! If you think I am talking science fiction. Think again! If you think I am talking cartoons, Good, go ahead and laugh, but first ask yourself this: "Am I in complete control of my mind".

Her reviewers say that the book is informative and conversational. One reader says that 'Mind Synergy' had the same impact on her as the 'The Secret.'

Another says, "Part of the genius of the book is its disarming simplicity and the witty style. It is the simple things that are hard to change and the book does a great job at teaching you how to debug your brain. You will certainly smile when you recognize yourself in some of the examples."

The powerful book guides the reader through a 21-day Mind Synergy program. It is full of strategies and tools to help the reader to be more confident, less stressed and more in charge of their life. Many have benefited from the extraordinary claims made in this book!

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Mind Synergy is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, paperback edition, and hardcover

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