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Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Explains Contesting a Will in California

Contesting a legal will in the US is subject to the laws governing different each state


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2020 --Estate law can be messy and fraught with emotion. As an estate lawyer in Beverly Hills, the team at Kushner Legal advises that a contest must be brought no later than 120 days from the date the subject's will has been admitted to probate. For more go to: https://kushnerlegal.com/contesting-a-will-in-california/

The grounds for contesting a will in California include, but are not limited to:
a) capacity;
b) mental disorder and delusion;
c) undue influence;
d) duress;
e) revocation;
f) mistake; and
g) misrepresentation.

Many of these grounds can dovetail together. It is significant to remember that the burden of setting aside the will or the specific gift provision in the will always lies with the person seeking to make the challenge. The term "interested party" is not specifically defined in the California probate code and will be assessed by the Courts in each specific contest. Interested parties can include: children, spouses, registered domestic partners, and other beneficiaries.

For those searching for a proven estate lawyer in Beverly Hills, the team at Kushner Legal have experience acting as representation on behalf of various parties. This includes named beneficiaries under a will who seek to protect their inheritance, unnamed beneficiaries who have been left out of a will or trust, personal representatives and executors appointed under a will or by a court, and persons seeking to inherit when a close relative has died without a will (also known as an intestacy).

In cases involving a will contest or a trust contest, the Beverly Hills estate lawyers at Kushner Legal aim to resolve clients' cases in a timely and efficient manner, utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods wherever possible.

Estate and trust litigation can often arise at times when the litigants are in significant emotional trauma, and it's important to resolve conflicts with care and discretion. For those who feel they have been wrongfully omitted or underrepresented, the estate lawyers at Kushner Legal act as advocates and make sure their client's rights are protected.

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