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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Hodnett Helps Patients Achieve Confident, Shapely Figures with Latest Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Richard Hodnett is helping Beverly Hills patients achieve their ideal figures with advanced fat transfer procedure


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2015 --Dr. Richard Hodnett, cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA is helping patients transform their figures to achieve their ideal shape using the latest fat transfer procedure often referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure uses some of the most advanced technology in the cosmetic surgery space to extract unwanted fat from areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs, and insert the separated, live cells into the buttocks where patients want a shapelier, attractive figure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is unique in that it does not involve any artificial implants, but rather uses the patient's own natural cells to create a fuller look where they desire it. It is also a unique procedure in that it accomplishes multiple goals at once, reducing the fat in some areas of the body through liposuction and naturally augmenting others to give patients the improved look they desire.

The procedure is completed by first extracting unwanted fat from pre-determined areas using suction assisted liposuction through small cannulas. This extracted fat is then processed through a series of syringes and centrifuges that separates the living cells from dead cells and fluids, essentially purifying it in preparation to be inserted back into the body.

Once the best donor fat cells have been separated, the material is then re-injected into the buttocks in a series of dozens of different injections through special, thin cannulas that do not leave any sort of permanent marking or scarring on the skin. Dr. Hodnett inserts amounts of fat depending on the patient's current shape and build, as well as their desired outcomes for the procedure. Some patients prefer a more natural shape, while others may want a more dramatic transformation, in which case more CCs of live fat cells would be inserted into the buttocks.

Because of the small size of cannulas that are used for the fat extraction and re-injection, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure does not require any large incisions or result in significant scarring as does a traditional tummy tuck or other invasive cosmetic procedures. After approximately three weeks of recovery time with no direct sitting on the buttocks, patients can enjoy a long-lasting new shape. Effective fat transfers have been shown to maintain their shape even as the patient gains or loses weight due to only the highest quality fat cells being used for re-injection.

In addition to Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer procedures, Dr. Hodnett offers a variety of other procedures to help patients achieve their ideal look and shape. Some of these procedures include breast augmentation, abdominoplasty procedures, mommy makeovers, and more.

About Dr. Hodnett
Dr. Richard Hodnett is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing as a plastic surgeon for more than 20 years. He is one of the most experienced surgeons in the Beverly Hills area and is known for his ability to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable before, during, and after their procedures.

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