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BHPS Now Offers Platelet Rich Plasma Injections


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2016 --One of Los Angeles' highest patient-reviewed practices, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., or BHPS now offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections among its robust array of services. Well-known for providing a number of offerings for those looking for cosmetic and surgical procedures, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is now offering the option for patients who would like to try PRP Injections. Former and current services available include:

- Breast augmentation (mammoplasty)
- Breast lift
- Rhinoplasty
- Brazilian Butt Lifts
- Tummy tuck
- PRP Injections and more

According to a review from So Feminine Beauty, PRP injections are performed by injecting your own blood into areas that you wish to plump up on your body. The treatment has been in use for decades and has helped athletes heal from sports related injuries, particularly those in the tendon region. However, the benefits of PRP injections have more recently carried over to beauty, skincare and cosmetic care.

The review states that PRP injections are great for "encouraging your body to use it's own processes but more effectively in the places that are starting to need a bit of extra help."

PRP injections have become very well-known in celebrity beauty care due to Kim Kardashian's recent use of the treatment. This is because the injection entry point causes a small wound in the affected area, which actives the platelets and repairs the tissue in the area, making it a self-healing process.

PRP injections provides many benefits to those that it treats.

These include the following:

- Natural healing: Your body provides everything that is needed to self-heal

- Scar-free: PRP injections do not leave behind any scars.

- Affordable: PRP injections are very affordable in comparison to open or minimally invasive surgeries such as Botox injections or liposuction.

- Quick recovery: Most patients will be able to return to a full range of motion the day after PHP injections. Inflammation will mostly subside after 10-14 days.

- Safe: There are very few risks and complications involved, especially when compared to other comparable procedures.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery offers a comfortable environment for those looking for quality equipment. Dr. Gabriel Chiu stands by his philosophy of helping the patient before, during, and after the surgical process. Along with PRP injections, Dr. Chiu is known for his work with rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, and body contouring in order to enhance patients' natural beauty. BHPS is proud to offer PRP injections as a service for those looking for professional beauty and cosmetic services.

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