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BiCupid Launches Unique Features to Log in as a Bisexual Couple

It’s not magical that couples are hunting bisexual singles together.


Denmark, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2019 --With the explosion of demand for bisexual dating, more and more dating platforms are launching bisexual communities. The problem is that few platforms are willing to pay attention to the real needs of bisexuality, such as gender issues in bisexuality.

BiCupid, the only dating site that caters to bisexuality and BI Curious, is the first to introduce a bisexual couple registration and login feature. This feature allows 2 devices to be used at the same time, which means that the husband and wife can use this account at the same time, and all messages and mail can be shared. More importantly, BiCupid seems to cater to the dating needs of bisexual threesome and swinger.

BiCupid said to Meetbisexualcouples: "Six months ago, we received letters from many bisexual couples who called on us to open a couple of share account. In the past six months, the technical staff have been developing and testing this function day and night. Now open Come, the effect is very good, the members of our website are also very satisfied. The release of this feature does not mean that our platform changes the direction of the appointment, whether it is swinger or polyamorous."

Franklin from the UK is a member of BiCupid who said: "The bisexual couple function allows us to quickly find unicorn women. More importantly, the BiCupid account shared by my wife, we have opened our hearts."

In the view of Meet Bisexual Couples, a dating site must be good at constantly listening to the voices of its members in order to go further.

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